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and often last nine. 6-1 in san francisco.pb the cardinals early and often last nine. 6-1 in san francisco.thecardina last nine. 6-1 in san francisco.the cardinals early and often last nine. 6-1 in san francisco. the cardinals early and often last nine. 6-1 in san francisco. tonight's winner will host the tigers and that will start on wednesday. and the new york fans, well, you'd never call them fair weather, they want a-rod's head, they want swisher gone. have you seen the covers of the new york papers? >> yes, i have. >> there's a reason you're paid a lot to play in new york. >> a rough market. >> sunday night football, things are back to normal in cincinnati as far as cincinnati sports. the reds are done, bengals stink, steelers who aren't very good either, bear cats lost. although rutgers -- bengals 24-7. third straight loss. this golf news, saint isimon's island, coming from behind to win it all. he was followed by david toms and furyk. >> how do you feel about wearing two gloves? he's wearing two gloves. >> i know you go out at night wearing one glove. i think that's a little weird f
good read on the economy with maria's exclusive interview there in san francisco with the president of oracle corp, mark hurd. i'll see you tomorrow. >>> and it is 4:00 on wall street. do you know where your money is? hi, everybody, welcome back to "the closing bell." i'm maria bartiromo coming to you today from san francisco. we're following up the close this monday night. stocks losing steam in the final hours of trading today. dow industrials had a rip roaring day, thebest, up as many as 161 points. after stronger than expected manufacturing data set the tone this morning for this market. stocks gave back much of the gains after federal reserve chairman ben bernanke defended the central bank's latest bond buying stimulus program. is that a red flag that this fed-fueled rally is in trouble? top strategists are weigh in tonight. take a look at how we're finishing the day on wall street. as you can see, things settled out, dow jones industrial average held on to a double-digit move, although well off of that 161-point rally. the nasdaq went negative, although it, too, came back off
. 1:00 p.m. in san francisco. do you know where your money is? hi, everybody. welcome back to the "closing bell." big reversal of fortune in the final hour of trading. i'm maria bartiromo. here's what we're following at the close. mixed market on wall street today. the dow climbing 52 points early in the trading session giving back all those gains and them some, but coming back by the close. the nasdaq closing in the green due to a big late day gain by apple. a complete reversal there as well. the dow jones industrial average closing down just about 30 points after coming back from that early day loss. what should you do? what do you make of another late-day swing? a trio of top strategists will be weighing in coming up in the program. then a rare and exclusive interview for you with larry ellison. the stock has been on fire. we have so much to get with him, including if oracle is looking to do more deals. plus, his take on apple's future without his close friend steve jobs. and interview you won't want to miss. joining us coming up. meanwhile, let's look that the reversal
from san francisco. first trading day of the fourth quarter. we're off to a big start. i'm live from oracle headquarters in san francisco, where i'll be speaking exclusive by with oracle president mark hurd later on in the program. hope you'll stay tuned for that. >>> meanwhile, we've got to talk about this big rally. i have to ask hurd what he makes of this market. for whatever reason, it keeps going higher. >> yeah, whether that has something to do with corporate earnings, we will know soon enough, momm maria. the dow was up 163 points at one time today. at the high of the day, the big gains coming before investors took in fed chairman bernanke's comments this afternoon we've all been talking about. we will have reaction to that address in the q&a session plus the outlook for the last three months of the year in just a moment. first a look at the major averages. a rally on the open this morning, mainly on the report that manufacturing started to grow again for the first time since may. construction spending was not great. that may have taken some of the sheen off this rally today.
. >> steve and rick, get along, would you? okay. where were we, maria? how's san francisco? >> everything's good. it's gorgeous here. i didn't realize how hot it would be. we're following the oracle story. they made some big announcements here about the cloud. we have a market that is about to really focus on fundamentals, i think. >> we were down about 90 points at the low. the dow is down 66 now with about 55 minutes to go today. >> don't go anywhere. we've got much more ahead on this huge edition of the "closing bell." >>> coming up, shooting from the lip. outspoken and controversial former yahoo! chief carol barts weighs in on the future of the tech giant and whether it's heading in the right direction. >>> plus, the oracle of oracle. maria sits down for an exclusive interview with larry ellison. what game changing products does the firm have in the pipeline, and what will the free-spirited ceo buy next? find out straight ahead. >>> and class action. in another exclusive, the man in charge of settling claims against convicted sexual offender jerry sandusky talks to maria about how pen
is on the scale that it needs to be done at, you know? facilities the size of san francisco. >> really? the city? >> yeah. >> venter and his team are not the only players in this growing field known as synthetic biology. for years, dupont has been using genetically modified bacteria to make a compound used in clothing and carpets. amyris discovered a way to genetically modify yeast to produce an antimalarial drug. another company, ls9, has altered the genes of e. coli bacteria to produce fuel. but all of them are modifying a few genes, not designing all of them. venter's rivals say his method is commercially impractical, but he's made a career out of bucking the scientific establishment and earned lots of enemies with his brash behavior and his knack for grabbing research money and the spotlight. so what are your faults? >> probably impatience is the-- you know, the biggest one. i don't suffer fools too well. that--you know? i'm not going to ever win a political contest. >> a lot of people have said you're a self promoter, an egomaniac. true? partially true? not true at all? >> you know, if we h
. the final scorecard natural cardinals 6, san francisco 437 game two tuesday night. i will say on the record i don't like the giants because of what happened to the reds. as it was happening, i didn't like any of the players, i didn't like what her doing. so i'll have to say i'm -- >> going for st. louis. >> draw. sanchez shut down the yankees line up. and football news, aaron rodgers threw a career-high franchise record six touchdown passes to lead green bay to a 42-24 win over houston. and the packer, that was the first -- only the falcons are still unbeaten. a field got lifted the falcons to the win over oakland. the falcons are the only unbeaten team left in the nfl. and seattle beat new england. that's weird. with just more than a minute left on the clock. russell wilson connected with sydney rod on a 46 yard touchdown pass to beat the patriots 24-23. the giant as intercepted alex smith three times in a rout over san francisco.s intercepted ale smith three times in a rout over san francisco. they were doing pretty well before that. eli manning threw for 193 yards and a score. bradshaw r
a deal with oracle today in san francisco. nokia also recently signed deals with groupon and amazon. nokia a got into the map business with it purchase and has been expanding the service. and back to the banks, shares in banco have been suspended. the bank has announced it will report record write downs of 9.3 billion euro this is year and have suspended its dividend this month. julia has more reaction to what they're saying. they'll launch the share increase by mid november. do you think they can avoid having to ask for any government assistance? >> i think they're certainly going to try. but in terms of their market, it will be highly diluted, so it depends on how well it goes down with investors. the stock should open up in about ten minutes time. we've had a couple brokers lower their price. they also have also announced that they plan to see a capital increase of around 2 billion euros as a result of divest hims. it's actually lack of clarity on the details of that that have resulted in a lowered estimate for the share price. as you mentioned, record provisions this year. they
: during the dot-com boom, michael krantz works as a technology writer for time magazine in san francisco. >> everybody knew that there were fortunes being made all around them, and very, very few people really understood how these fortunes were being made or why, but they knew that if they didn't get their money in, they were gonna miss out. >> narrator: if a person was of the mind-set, it was the perfect place for fraud. >> experts like me were wrong over and over in saying, "this company's gonna be successful, that company won't." nobody knew. james eberhart, running around with his yes entertainment network package, had as plausible a pitch as many legitimate companies who ended up being successful. in fact, his pitch actually made sense. >> remember the impact that tv had on our lives? it was revolutionary. well, there's another revolution getting underway. i'm sure you've heard of it. it's called the "internet." >> narrator: years before the launch of youtube, yes entertainment claims to be building something revolutionary -- an online-video network. in 1999, blaine canfield receive
before that big fall. he bought a $16 million mansion in san francisco. he's got a multimillion dollar home in aspen. plus, he's got a lot of other wealth from facebook and other investments. but mark is now proof that sudden wealth can quickly become sudden wealth loss in social media. of course, the new .com guys learned something new, to take that wealth off the table before it goes up in smoke. back to you, michelle. >> yeah, exactly. thanks, robert. >>> we have about 20 minutes before the closing bell. the dow jones industrial average has now gone negative on the session. nasdaq's been there for about an hour. >> goldman sachs with a stunning market prediction. we'll tell you what it is and get the reaction next. don't go away. >>> apple shares rallying more than 70% since the death of steve jobs one year ago today. will that last, or will the magic drain out without jobs' vision? both sides of the debate coming up. for what's around this corner... and the next. there's cash flow options from pnc. solutions to help businesses like yours accelerate receivables, manage payments, and
lexactly what i . i was in boston about a week and a half ago. it was hopping. you go to new york city, san francisco, florida, you go around the country, restaurants are full. you walk into a starbucks, that stock is down, yet here in the u.s., it's always busy. the same for mcdonald's. i think some of these stocks actually are getting quite cheap and interesting from a domestic perspecti perspective. the wild card still seems to be overseas. >> maria, they keep talking global, global. when i look at some of those companies -- in fact, this morning i was tweeting it out. some companies talking more ambitiously about their u.s. business. you have chicago bridge come out this afternoon. they were talking about their business in the u.s. being okay. >> well, that's the thing. i think corporates today are, you know, healthier and more lean and mean than they've ever been. frankly, i think the corporate sector is very well positioned. the problem is they're sitting on their cash because of the unstiu uncertainties, and are looking at a slower demand picture outside of the united states. that's
more impact on the business and certasectors. dick kovacevich joins me now from san francisco. thank you time for us today. you've seen storms like this at the helm of wells fargo. what's yours reaction to this storm response we've seen by state and local communities and business? >> our hearts go out to all of you on the east coast. we sincerely hope you get through this safely. we all have had storms and we've gone through this before. i think one of the advantages of a storm is that we do get a warning. in this case we've had days of warning. it allows us to prepare for a serious event like this. and perhaps even more importantly, it allows us to be ready to handle the aftereffects of such a devastation. >> say -- >> compared to an earthquake or terrorism, which you don't get any warning for. so, it does help to us handle this. >> what about the fact that the markets have been closed, i mean, the markets closed today, closed tomorrow. two days of trading interrupted. we haven't seen this, obviously, since september 11th. and before that, the only time the markets were closed due
of what the market will do next which is probably not pretty. >> happy you have your san francisco giants gear on. >> that's right. >> world series parade today, some happy times in the middle of all of this upset. >> yes, the giants are big -- sorry, maria? >> i said nice hat. >> thank you, yes it's a big deal up here in northern california, the big parade. i would have loved to have been there. the giants were a bit of a surprise to win the world series but always surprise us on the upside and we're all thrilled and hopefully the 49ers can do it, too. >> brian any surprises for you? october historically tough for the market but this year especially tough. >> remember we're also playing a pare back. you had a 14% run off of the june low. so to see consolidation vis-a-vis the fiscal cliff and election it's no surprise. wells fargo is looking to add to risk assets in the equity markets on pullbacks on the cyclical side, we like consumer discretionary, tech effect, and i think also looking in keeping an eye out in some of the nuances out of the hurricane, for example you look at the home im
of southern company, has sent over 1,000 crews. crews are being flown in from as far as washington and san francisco that have been prestaged nap is they are already here, prestaged with equipment so that as soon as this wind and water recede they can get to work restoring power. >> last year i believe connecticut power and light was one of the ones that got a lot of criticism for a slow, tardy response. is any one of the publicly traded utilities on the eastern seaboard more vulnerable, more likely to suffer potentially grave damage to its market value? >> you know, that is really a function of whether or not when all of the storm damage reseeds, they're perceived as having done the best they could in restoring service or whether they're deemed to have been in some way not sort of completely competent in the recovery efforts. and so what we'll see as this recedes is ewe'll watch very closely companies like potomac, first energy, con ed, northeast utilities, for signs that the regulators are happy or unhappy with their performance. >> what kind of write-downs or costs are some of these com
the san francisco giants to take a 2-0 lead in the best of five series. and college football rankings have been updated. now ranked 20th in the ap poll. knights now 5-0, syracuse are next. but notre dame was -- >> this is huge for notre dame because they haven't won. been doing so well that they lost the demographic. >> lsu got beat by florida and florida looked a lot better. and then georgia was supposed to be good and they got killed by south carolina. and never in my lifeife did i tk kansas state would be at greatest team. >> we'll have harwood up in a moment, i know where you want to go. >> he will poke holes in every part of that study. is he so ready. >> in the meantime some news on the west. >> and it's cold and rainy. should you have your music for this. >> for the ominous weather. that's right. 42 degrees when we came in. had to make the kids put the shorts away. >> remember what happened last october? >> yeah, snowstorm right before halloween. lots of power problems. let's get over to al leex walla at the weather channel. >> no doubt a chill in the air. temperatures stuck in the
conditions from san francisco to las vegas. what we have across the northern rockies, a little wintery weather. that's right, some snow to contend with here. moisture plus cold air will equal snow across parts of montana, and tomorrow that will traverse its way across sections of the northern plains and the midwest. some snow, fargo up towards international falls will be possible there. how much? a couple of inches. we're not talking huge amounts in montana, but tonight and into tomorrow, we could be talking higher amounts. this area that's in that pinkish purple. we could be looking at six or more inches of snow. could be doing some shoveling here. it's all thanks to some cold air that's driving southward. we're seeing temperatures that will be 10, 15, 20 degrees below average. numbers feeling more like november. that's what we'll find heading into thursday. kansas city, 63 for your day, ten degrees below average, and that cool air continues to work south and east. chicago, you're not even getting out of the 50s. 53 around st. louis. that's nearly 23 degrees below our average. >> than
into the seventh inning. ten strikeouts. san francisco was hitless. but then it was a clean single the right, and two outs in the sixth. third baseman scott rolen's two-out error in the tenth -- and he's a golden glove normally -- helped the giants avoid a sweep. cincinnati does, however, lead the series two games to one. i will tell you. >> bailey looked good early. >> it entered my mind yesterday that if they won last night, i'd have to wait for next series and that if they lost, there would be a game on at 4:00 today. a lot of times i like. >> as long as you win in the game. >> i like these things to go to the final game because it's so exciting. i don't really want this one to go to five. but if it does -- >> you're okay with that, as long as you get a little more out of it. >>> let's get to today's national weather forecast. ray, welcome to "squawk box." how are? >> hey, i'm doing well. for tonight at yankee stadium, if you are heading out to the see the yanks, a 7:37 start. there may be some showers. the showers in the east, the next front coming into the north. that's going to bring s
, there are thousands of stocks, becky, in the s&p 500. san francisco fed president john williams says the central bank is looking for a steeper decline in the jobless rate. and stronger economic growth before it's going to stop qe-3, qe in-if iity. williams is currently a voting fmoc member. here is today's economic agenda .at 8:30, we have the cpi. 9:15, industrial production. 10: 10:00, national association of home builder survey. and then in corporate new, yahoo! is hiring a former google executive as its new chief operating officer. decastro is marissa mayer's latest addition to yahoo! as she builds a new management team. >> i can't believe she's back. yesterday was her first day back from her pregnancy. >> i remember itll. how long did you leave me here? >> i was out for three months. actually, it was about would days high of three months. >> that's all it was? >> but she's back even faster.s. >> that's all it was? >> but she's back even faster.y. >> that's all it was? >> but she's back even faster.i. >> that's all it was? >> but she's back even faster.g. >> that's all it was? >> but she's back e
'm heading out to san francisco tonight, a concert with sammy hagar and bob greer and a really good guitarist, jonathan wilson will be at the sweetwater hall, charging 200 bucks a ticket, all of the group goes to the group called the coming home project provides counseling for wounded vets and helps them find work. >> we'll join you in that process. >> that's fantastic. it's a nationally organized group that helps them get back into civilian life. >> sammy hagar works with bob weir? >> yes, they have completely different kinds of music but they live down the road from each other. they're going to play "loose lucy." he wants to do a dylan song, a freddy king and a buddy holly song, so my band has been working on backing up sammy and we'll do a bunch of stuff with weir as well and stuff on our own, all for a good cause. we're going to have a camera there and this will give joe hours of time to make fun of me on television. it's all about giving joe material. that's the way i look at what i do. >> helping the vets, i'm not going to make fun of -- >> me playing music. >> inthat might be. >> "loos
? the ceo of kabam joins us this morning from san francisco. kevin, good morning to you. >> hi, carl. >> i think the entire industry could probably use your advice because it appears that a lot of leaders are lost as the migration continues. what's the answer for a company like zynga? >> i think the industry is going through a breather. what's happening right now companies are trying to figure out all the new things that's happening from distribution to monetization. we're growing rapidly. we did over $100 million in gross revenues last year. second is we have a diversity of different platforms. while we started off facebook much like other social gaming companies, we went into 2011 with 100% of our revenues on one platform. that's facebook. today we're on the web, we're on gamestop, on steam, april many's ios devices and top ten gaming company on android as well. the third is we've made major partnerships. so we announced last week we're working with time warner on the hobbit and today we're announcing we're working with gamestop on our hit game, that's running through gamestop's online a
thursday night and let's talk about football. the san francisco 49ers beating the seattle seahawks 13-6. their running back frank gore with 16 carries for 131 yards and also had 51 yards receiving. tigers swept the yankees, boo! to advance to the world series. they are awaiting the winner. probably looks like the cardinals will get it. cardinals/giants nlcs. >> i did feel good after the tigers, the team came out and talked about it. >> justiner ha verlander and th yankee team, whether it's jeter or not, they didn't even show up. they did not even show up. it was a no hitter until the sixth inning. >> looks like the cardinals take a 3-1 lead, they could close the whole thing out tonight so we'll see what happens there. >>> if you have any comments or questions about anything you've seen here on the show e-mail us at squawk@cnbc.com, follow us on twitter, @squawkcnbc is our handle. up next we'll play oil and equities with our trading block. stick around. duff & phelps finds the sweet spot that powers sound decisions. duff & phelps financial advisory and investment banking services. [ ma
forecast. the san francisco giants are world champions for the second time in three years. the giants completed a sweep of the detroit tigers by winning 4-3 in ten innings in detroit. there it is. is that amazing? are you a fan of the giants? i'm asking you a question. you're looking at me like i'm crazy. >> i said many, many things over the last two weeks. i like the national league. i was hoping for giants. i don't like designated hitter. giants beat reds. down 3-1 against the cardinals. they scored more touchdowns, andrew. any way, we're going to -- >> why did you say that? >> i didn't think you would notice. i've been weighing in on it. >> did you watch the game? >> i watched a little bit of it last night. i did at the hotel. there was nothing else to do. >> i should say that to becky. you know because of kent state game. >> i do know because of the kent state game. >> was that homecoming too? >> it was. it was supposed to be our easy game. it was a little rough. we're still 7-1. i'll take that. as we continue our coverage of hurricane sandy, our brian shactman is in montauk this
mansion in san francisco. multimillion dollar home in aspen and has wealth from facebook and other investments. mark pincus is proof how fleeting the fortunes have become in social media. today's sudden wealth is tomorrow's sudden wealth loss. never before in american history has wealth been created and destroyed. the new dot-com guys they did learn one lesson from the first dot-com boom. they learned to take money off the table before all that paper wealth goes up in smoke. back to you. >> rob, stick around with me for a second because you literally have written the book on the wealthy in this country. and i wonder in general are there patterns by which they absorb their wealth. you mentioned pincus selling some of his shares. do these new billionaires spend it all or are they smart enough after the dot-com fwouft reinvest it in different ways that we don't see. >> they've gotten smarter again about take being some of that paper wealth off the table. eve seen how volatility, how beta wealth is just so threating today. so the big difference again just in the past ten years they are
. along the channel, heavy rainfalls. san francisco, scattered showers there possibly, but that should kind of give way to some pretty between conditions in the afternoon. and the mys in nevada, thunderstorms to deal with and that may be the situation in reno. but for l.a., scattered showers and 67 degrees. by nighttime, we're going right back down into the low 60s. possibly some marine layer by tomorrow morning. that's a quick snapshot of your forecast. back to you in new york. >> thank you very much. by the way, the holiday shopping season, if you're like me, you probably have the same feeling. just seems to get earlier and earlier every year. ce off of shark media joins us for his forecast. it owns retail me not and are we right about this whole idea, is it getting earlier every year? >> it really is. we just did a poll that says 40% of americans have already started their christmas shopping by november 1st and 30% are done by black friday. >> what about in terms of the offers from the stores? we tend to think that black friday is the best day that you can get any shopping done and
it tries to go back the other way? >> yeah, well, the question is, we have rallieses in phoenix and san francisco. question is, it's really nationwide. in the last few months, it looks like it. but is this -- are we going back to the early 2000s where the correlation across markets got really strong? i don't know yet. it's just too soon to tell. >> now, here where everybody trades everything, including houses, is tradeable in their minds, and my analogy, if we think we are bottoming, if i say we're bottoming in the s&p futures, the question is, okay, i'm going to buy them, because it's going to rally. if we're bottoming, that doesn't necessarily mean there's going to be a liftoff, does it? >> well, i think look at the last housing cycle. it peaked around 1990, and it started falling only a little bit. it wasn't as dramatic a cycle that time. how long did it take to take off? a decade. we've been going down for six years now. i don't want to just change -- >> no, i'm with you. >> it might still be going down. and we have a lot of world economic problems that are staring at us right now.
on the san francisco bay, there was a racing catamaran that capsized while practicing. the accident involved the massive oracle team usa boat at-72. larry ellison has always been involved in this. that boat overturned and began breaking apart a couple hours later. now, no one was hurt. oracle says the boat cost between $8 million and $10 million to build. and yeah, there it is now. andrew, should we go back to the bunny? >> yes. bunny has a good nose. it was from den of thieves. he was talking to marty spiegel and he said your bunny has a good nose to tell him to stop. however, spiegel had a friend named bunny laster who told him the same thing. >> gordon gekko was telling this story about a son to rudy said you know what happens when you stick your nose in the honey pot. >> we have to run. make sure you join us tomorrow. "squawk on the street" begins right now. >> good wednesday morning. welcome to "squawk on the street." i'm carl quintanilla with david faber. melissa lee is off. jim cramer is on assignment as you may know already. got some cross currents going this morning. earnings, not r
a new operating system and the surface tablet on the 26th. joining us this morning is the san francisco bureau chief for forbes and author of the forbes blog "tech trade." also the co-author of "ipad for dummies." good morning to both of you. ed, google says the playground is open. what is that supposed to mean? >> it means, i suspect it's a play on the google play store. you know, which is the store we can buy apps and music and so forth. i think it means a new tablet, a new phone, maybe, you know, who knows what. but certainly something android-related. and it's their answer to what apple's going to do next week and, of course, microsoft. >> eric, is this all about the low end of the tablet market? >> well, you know, there's speculation in both directions. there have been some stories suggesting that they're going to do a lower end tablet at a $99 price point, also speculation about tablets at the ere end, larger sized tablets more along the lines of the current apple ipad. so we'll see. they could go in both directions at the same time. >> what do you think is the right move? where s
. the entire market could, as we can see today. >> and, of course, we're in san jose, not san francisco. we've got a big verizon truck here that's providing extra bandwidth right behind us. there's going to be a live stream of this event. is there any expectation that we could see a real physical, not the black box, apple tv. >> near zero. for something entirely new like that, they'd have their own separate event like that. >> and they gave the giants zero chance of coming back against the cardinals, but they did it. you never know. this is a big time event. see if they can push apple stock higher, push the markets higher. this is a big stock. we're here for you on cnbc. >> we appreciate it, brian. what a great afternoon we have planned with you too. nice jacket, by the way, for it. that looks good. we'll see you guys in a little bit. let's get to the cme group. rick santelli with the santelli exchange for a tuesday. interesting day shaping up, rick. >> very interesting day, and i think the interesting story isn't really new but it's resurrected for the day, and that, of course, is the futu
. the bucs came away with the victory, 36-17. also the san francisco giants are halfway there. the giants beating the tigers in game two of the world series and they have a 2-0 lead in the best of seven series. >> predicted that on my very successful facebook, what was it, office hours. one of the questions hch-as a national leaguer, i have to go with the national league. i think the dh ruined baseball. but i said the giants in six. so i might be wrong because it might not be -- >> maybe four or five? >> they got the triple crown guy on detroit. they have to come eventually. hurricane sandy headed for new jersey. how do they know it's -- it's such a small -- >> they've changed it. last night they were thinking right for new jersey. it's widened out since then. it could go miles per hour from de anywhere from delaware to cape cod. >> hurricane sandy on track to strike the east coast. alex, you've been doing this a while. in terms of -- how much can we really know? it's just probabilities at this point. i don't immediate need to put t windows up just yet, do i? >> it's more a situation of b
from a ceo of an airline last night that there's a bit of a scramble at lax and san francisco for parking spaces because there are so many hundreds of thousands of aircraft that have been diverted from the usual flights to east coast that they have to park them somewhere and they are running out of space. >> simon, they are parked all over the world. they have delta planes parked over in europe right now that would normally be flying back here. a lot of the planes that were usually in new york, they are in hubs in minneapolis, detroit, any place where they can find space, that's where they are putting planes right now. >> thank you very much. still ahead on the program, clearly thousands of flights are being canceled. last-minute hotel rooms being booked. a live and exclusive interview with the largest online travel agency for america, expedia's ceo will join us next. i'm a conservative investor. i invest in what i know. i turned 65 last week. i'm getting married. planning a life. there are risks, sure. but, there's no reward without it. i want to be prepared for the long haul
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